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We install heat pumps in Palmerston North

Our Palmerston North Electrician and Palmerston North heat pump installer will install your heat pump for you so you can warm your home before those cooler months arrive.

Heat Pumps
Install a Palmerston North heat pump today!

Our professional, hardworking heat pump installing team installs heat pumps and air conditioning at an affordable rate across Palmerston North and the Manawatu. We’ll help you find the right heat pump to fit your home perfectly. We’ve installed heat pumps for many years now making us experienced service providers.


You can rest assured that our team delivers experienced and reliable service. We install heat pumps for residential Palmerston North homes, as well as commercial properties.


Don’t forget to service your heat pump once a year. Our Palmerston North heat pump installers will talk you through the maintenance of your heat pump as well as how to get the best value out of it - while saving money!


At TKR Electrical we believe in creating warmer Kiwi homes through installing an efficient heat pump into your living spaces and bedrooms.


Contact us for more information on your own heat pump installation in Palmerston North, Manawatu.

Palmerston North air conditioning and heat pump installers

Choosing the proper heating and cooling solutions for your home is an important decision that needs careful consideration. The wrong choice could cost you more long-term and will not get the desired results!

Heat pumps/air conditioners are split systems, most commonly consisting of an outdoor unit connected by copper piping and wiring to an indoor unit installed in the area requiring heating and cooling. The outdoor unit, which is usually installed at ground level, but can be installed at height also, houses the compressor which extracts heat from the air. The indoor unit houses the fan assembly that circulates warm cool air around the area as required.

We recommend

When you decide to invest in a heat pump, ensure it’s one that will repay you with years of reliable performance and comfort all year round. In our opinion, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Fujitsu are very good brands for your homes. Each of these brands has been proven locally and internationally.



Looking for Heat Pump Services in Palmerston North?

At TKR Electrical, we install, repair and maintain residential and commercial heat pump systems to suit all properties throughout Palmerston North. We are passionate about providing the finest quality heating and cooling systems to our clients. If you have any questions about our heat pumps and air conditioners and how we can help you,
feel free to contact us today.

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